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  1. OSS .45 3 shot jamming issue and deliema

    Taurus Product Problems
    So shortly after the recall, my PT 24/7 OSS DS .45 started acting up. Regardless of ammo (brands and types), I can get three shots before I get a feed jam. The 4th round will not feed and pistol remains out of battery. I've tried different magazines all OEM and also tried the same magazines...
  2. My PT92 AFS is jamming - any solutions?

    Taurus Product Problems
    I have a fairly new Taurus PT 92 AFS Stainless model and it started jamming on my the last time I was at the range. I bought this gun for the reliability so this is very concerning to me. I've shot about 400-500 rounds through it before this last trip (a couple boxes of Federal, Winchester...
  3. Newbie with a pt840... HELP!

    PT92 & Other Taurus Pistols
    Ok. So fist off I wanna start off by saying that I'm 26 and I've never owned or fired a gun prior to my purchase of the pt840. I bought it because I read good reviews online and videos of it. Anyways here's what's going on. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong or what I need to do (I wanna...
  4. compact 23/7 g2 40sw failure to eject

    Taurus Product Problems
    So i bought this Taurus about a month after it came out and i only have about 400 rounds through it (i'm not sure if this had to do with it needing to be broke in) bit it seems like every mag i get a failure to eject, the casing gets jammed like the slide comes back too fast or something. not...