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  1. Taurus Product Problems
    I have a PT-145 SS Mil Pro that I didn't send in for the settlement because I wanted the .45, I didn't want it replaced with a 9mm. When I first bought it, I had some jamming issues but the guy I bought it from kept saying I was limp wristing and there was no problem with the gun. I've had...
  2. Taurus Product Problems
    I have recently purchased my first taurus, the PT840. I wanted a .40s&w autoloader and after reading many reviews I decided on the Taurus based upon positive reviews and the amount of gun and accessories for the money (2 (15 round) mags, a hard case, cleaning brush, speed loader, and 2...
  3. The Judge
    I got a Judge a few weeks ago and it fires .410 perfectly, and I am carrying it all the time with Federal .410 000. I want to mix in .45 Colt as well for better range, but the target ammo I shot jams the gun. Is the problem the ammo, or is there a problem I need to be aware of. Thanks for...
1-3 of 3 Results