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  1. PT92, TX 22 & Other Taurus Pistols
    Thank you for taking the time to read about my issue, this has been very frustrating for me. Yesterday while at the range I was shooting 3 boxes of monarch lacquerd steel through my 92AFS, somewhere through the last box I encountered a jam. I dropped the magazine and attempted to cycle the slide...
  2. Taurus Product Problems
    Hi guys I really need some help! I have a Taurus Judge publix defender. Love the gun. Just bought a ton of Ammon and brought it to the range, never had a problem with it. But today at the range the revolver wheel would not open at all. The range officers looked at it and they were confused. The...
  3. Taurus Product Problems
    fired about 100 rounds out of my PT111 for the firs time and now my slide I jammed. it only moves maybe a 1/4 inch back. Any ideas?
1-3 of 3 Results