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    Hello everyone. Just purchased a new Tracker 627 with a 6" barrel. Retired guy here, have been hunting deer and birds (now mostly waterfowl) since 1965. Not a lot of handgun use during most of those years except for a time when I hunted squirrels and cottontails with a buddy with a Ruger...
  2. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    I just wanted to introduce myself and say what a godsend it is to be a part of a forum, that I can hopefully contribute my experiences to those in need and to also able to have my questions answered by knowlegable Taurus owners as well. let me make a long story Longer. My father handed down to...
  3. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    I just got my first Taurus, the PT740. She feels great in my hand, and I'm excited to get her to the range tomorrow. I'd love to learn as much as possible from the people here. I also own a Ruger SR40c. I live in Virginia, and I love bass fishing, playing softball, and hanging out with my...
1-3 of 3 Results