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  1. New model 992, light hammer strikes in DA with the 22mag cylinder

    Taurus Product Problems
    I recently purchased a new model 992 with the interchangeable .22 & .22 WMR cylinders. When I use the .22 wmr cylinder, I experience light hammer strikes on every 9 shot load resulting in FTF. Any suggestions on cause & resolution or should I just send the revolver in to Taurus for evaluation &...
  2. PT709 Chambered Round FTF

    The 700's
    Hello all! First post here on the forums as i just recently purchased my 709 Slim about 3 weeks ago. I've owned/still own a handful of handguns. I bought the 709 slim to replace my XDs 9mm 4.0 as my primary CCW as the XDs with the 4" barrel is a bit heavy for my liking as a carry gun. I read...
  3. 709 range visit

    The 700's
    Hello All, my first post. I ran 100 rds of winchester white box through my 709 had 2 fte with the shell not extracted still in the chamber. Both times I was limpwristing so my fault. 1 ftf. I shot very low like 1 ft at 15 yards, i understand this is somewhat normal before adjustments. Going to...
  4. Taurus Tracker .357 Problem

    Hi All, I am new to this forum, although not new to Taurus. I have had a 941 in .22WMR for more than ten years and was very fond of a Beretta 92 knock-off I had a few years ago (I believe it was either a PT-92 or a PT-99). Today I test fired my latest Taurus acquisition for the first time, a...
  5. HELP 738 will not chamber rounds

    Present for my wife amd it wont work. we planed on going to the range today and she cant use her new 738. any ideas or you all know of a easy fix for this? i would love more than anything to be able to tell my wife she can shoot her new toy. When I try to chamber a round it looks like the angle...
  6. Range Report for the TCP 738

    The 700's
    :rating06: So I just got back from the range with my new purchase. I bought a Gently used TCP 738 from armslist.com, Against my judgement I didn't shoot it first (time Restraints for the day) But I checked the gun over and it was really clean. the guy seemed to be legit when he said he only...
  7. Empty mag won't lock slide back, also FTF's

    24/7 Series
    My 24/7 Pro .45 is having intermittent magazine problems. When empty, the magazines will not always lock the slide open. This seems to happen about 80% of the time. I have 3 mags; one 12 rd., and 2 10 rd.. This happens more often with the 10 round mags than with the 12. I also still have an...