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fiber optic

  1. Lakeline LLC
    For these, go here: https://lakelinellc.com/shop/fiber-optic-sights-for-the-taurus-pt111-g2-pt140-g2-709-and-740/
  2. PT92 & Other Taurus Pistols
    Does anyone know of a rear wedge fiber optic type sight that will work in the pt92? I have no problem doing some fitting I just need to know what to start with. Thanks for the help in advanced.
  3. Taurus Suggestion Box
    The fiber optic rod in my front sight blade (Taurus 605 Protector Poly) broke recently. When I phoned Taurus CS, I was told there was no replacement in stock for my gun model - and essentially won't be. I then asked for the diameter measurement so I could order my own replacement fiber optic rod...