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    Hello. New member but I've been shooting Taurus pistols for a while now (PT-111 G2 (2 of them), PT 24/7 G2 .45, TCP, PT-709, PT-22). I recently picked up a NIB Spectrum from my LGS. I took it out to the range and tried some steel (Tula) and some brass (WWB) ammo. For the most part it's about 50...
  2. Smithing
    Hi All, I am new to this forum, although not new to Taurus. I have had a 941 in .22WMR for more than ten years and was very fond of a Beretta 92 knock-off I had a few years ago (I believe it was either a PT-92 or a PT-99). Today I test fired my latest Taurus acquisition for the first time, a...
1-2 of 2 Results