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  1. Taurus Revolvers
    Ok. Well I posted recently about my new 608's (SS6) first range trip and mentioned that factory loaded .357s locked up the cylinder at least 2 out of every 8 down the pipe. A little wiggle of the cylinder got the gun firing again. The reloads (.357) no problem not a single lock up. So trip two...
  2. The Judge
    Hey guys I had the cylinder bind up on my judge out on the range today...hasn't done this before. Bound up on the third shot While shooting double action. Any one else had this happen or know what would cause it? I had to rotate the cylinder to lock it then it was good to go again. Any...
  3. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Hello to everyone, am new to this forum and need advice. Purchased a Rossi 851 38 spl. On one cylinder only, I can load a live or spent cartridge in that one chamber and more times than not the back of the cartridge will rub against the frame when I close and lock the cylinder. I don't even...
1-3 of 3 Results