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  1. Taurus Product Problems
    Hey fellow taurus owners! I own the pt111 g2 and love it! BUT after maybe 3 months of owning the pistol I noticed the recoil spring plastic part that holds the spring in place had chipped off about half way. The spring is still 100% functional, but it just bothered me! Has anyone had this...
  2. The Firing Line
    I heard there was a settlement. I'm looking for information on what models are defective and how I can take advantage of this opportunity. This is the defect that I'm talking about https://vid.me/YLye/see-what-happens-when-you-drop-a-loaded-taurus-p
  3. Taurus Product Problems
    I have seen some recent posts - forgive me if this is a repost as I am new to the forums - about a Taurus settlement. I carry a Model 617552 revolver but I figured it would be helpful to post the link to the Taurus exchange program. https://www.tauruscartersettlement.com/register/
  4. Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    Hi all, I am looking for advice on handgun that my friend is selling. My friend is selling his Taurus PT-145 Millennium for $300. I've been looking at getting my CPL for quite some time. I've also been looking at getting something new, but the price is so good that I don't know if I can pass it...
  5. Taurus Product Problems
    Thursday, October 8, 2015 08:00:55 AM Pre-Chat Survey Your Name:Me Welcome to taurususa “Me”, saragon will be right with you. Your chat ID is SMX100815120059-4930. saragon 08:01:00 AM Thank you for contacting Customer Care. My name is Samantha. I will be assisting you today! Me 08:02:25 AM...
  6. Taurus Product Problems
    Returned my PT-145 to Miami for repairs week before last. It was supposed to arrive on Monday the 9th, but checking the tracking they received it on Wednesday the 11th. Their repair status still shows nothing when I put in the serial number and zip code. No email from them either.
  7. Taurus Product Problems
    I bought a new Taurus 24/7 G2 as a Christmas gift for my son. I took it to the range to check it out. It double-fired 8 times in 100 rounds. Sent it to Taurus for warranty repair last week. It cost me $22 in shipping charges. I checked the status on the warranty repair using the function on the...
  8. FAQ's
    Hello. I am a new Taurus owner and this is my first time posting here. I'm looking for a little feedback and an idea of what to expect. I purchased a PT111 Milennium G2 in August which functioned flawlessly for the first 300 rounds or so. After that I noticed what, according to the manual...
  9. Taurus Product Problems
    I will add more specific info if nesscessary if i can (names etc), as i'm gonna do this off the cuff. I feel i need to let others know of my expierience with taurus usa with regard to my pt1911ar. I have owned my pt1911ar for several years now and was very happy with it. During that time i...
  10. Taurus Product Problems
    First and foremost this is not a rant on how bad Taurus customer service is. This is a positive post. I have four (4) Taurus pistols so you know I must trust them to keep buying them :). Well two of mines were acting up and not wanting to play well. The PT140 was having an issue with a sticky...
  11. Taurus Product Problems
    I am a first time gun owner and have a Taurus Judge 6 ½” duo-tone revolver that I had to send back to Taurus for warranty work. One of the reasons I had selected a Taurus was due to the lifetime warranty and seeing many favorable reviews about their customer service on message boards. My...
1-11 of 11 Results