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  1. PT145 w/ Rail Mounted laser OWB Holster?

    Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    I have a PT145 Millenium Pro with a rail mounted Crimson Trace. This has left me having difficulty finding a holster for it that fits with the laser mounted. I would prefer to carry OWB, right hand draw. I have an Uncle Mike's Sidekick (size 16) with the extra magazine pocket and now that I...
  2. Holsters with and without CT laserguard

    The 700's
    New to the forum, although I do have to admit I stalked many of these posts before joining- gaining as much knowledge about the PT709 world before I jumped in. My question relates to holsters; specifically, I'm interested in eventually purchasing a Crimson Trace Laser Guard for the PT709 (my...
  3. Crimson Trace Install on early PT99 non de cocker. It can be done!

    Hello guys kinda new here but thought id share the story of my weekend project with yall. <br><br>SO I sold my Beretta 92 a few weeks ago and kept the ct grips off it to use or sell later. My dad picked up a Taurus pt99 non decocker that I had never seen one of before , I thought all taurus's...