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  1. Taurus Judge big problems please help!!

    Taurus Product Problems
    Hi guys I really need some help! I have a Taurus Judge publix defender. Love the gun. Just bought a ton of Ammon and brought it to the range, never had a problem with it. But today at the range the revolver wheel would not open at all. The range officers looked at it and they were confused. The...
  2. PT99 AF-D rear sight broken

    Taurus Product Problems
    First, if you can provide any solutions to my dilemma I would greatly appreciate your assistance. I have primarily lurked on various firearm boards, as I didn't believe I had much which I could contribute. I now find myself posting to several with this question as I am simply running out of...
  3. Can anybody help me figure out this problem?

    Taurus Product Problems
    This is my first time on the Taurus Forum Armed and I need some guidance. I saw this video on the Taurus Twitter account and realized that I have a similar issue with my slide. Mine was gifted to me and I don't carry so it's not too big of an issue, but I haven't brought it out to the range with...
  4. Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 trigger not functioning

    Taurus Product Problems
    Bought myself this sweet gun a couple weeks ago for a very affordable for me price. I put about 150 rounds of Monarch 9mm 115 grain FMJ ammo through it and some Winchester 115grain FMJ about 50 rounds of that. All of the sudden while at the range today the trigger stopped actuating the firing...
  5. 3" Judge Cylinder Stuck Closed.

    The Judge
    I've had this revolver for a while, took it out back to try it out recently, fired 5 rounds through it, reloaded the cylinder, closed it, now it is stuck closed. I called Taurus and they said send it to them. I told the guy I couldn't because I can't *unload* it. Besides being stuck shut, it...