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  1. Firearms & Firearm Related
    I have a brand new Ruger Blackhawk single action revolver for sale. It is brand new, unfired, in the original Ruger box and includes the paperwork it shipped from the factory with. It is a 5.5" barrel convertible model that includes both the 45 Long Colt and 45ACP cylinders. This is a large...
    $1,000 USD
  2. Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    Thoughts on my new G3C and function I plan to use it in - Maybe will help some folks evaluating the firearm and its role. Was never excited about this pistol - Came to purchase it on price alone. Sportsman's Warehouse was selling them for $259 w/ a $25 rebate. Came out to $274 minus the rebate...
  3. 24/7 Series
    Hello, i'm looking for a Blackhawk Level 3 holster "Compatible" with PT 24/7 .40 and PT 840 .40, because as we know, they don't have level 3 holsters for this models of gun. I know that no model will fit perfectly with that guns...
  4. Firearms & Firearm Related
    If you can come up with a good trade let me know. I'm looking for accessories for my PT1911, Para Ordnance 7.45 LDA 1911, or Raging Bull .480. I would also be interested in reloading equipment. Or something random. ;) Otherwise all prices are "shipping included". [email protected] is...
1-4 of 4 Results