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  1. Poetic Justice - Karma Strikes - Antis get a taste of their own medicine

    The Firing Line
    "Poetic Justice" - "Karma strikes" - or "Antis getting a taste of their own medicine" Alright folks, a member by the name of RScottie had the idea of having a thread about antis who spout their anti-firearm rhetoric and are then easily preyed upon by the criminal element precisely BECAUSE of...
  2. Start brainwashing them while they're young - Anti Rights crowd approach to parenting

    The Firing Line
    There are not enough facepalms in the world to express the level of stupid in this father's words: A father?s heartbreaking and beautiful explanation of the Paris attacks to his son | FOX2now.com Last I checked, even the plastic projectiles from my spring-powered BB PISTOL couldn't be stopped...