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  1. Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    I got my taurus g3 recently, I fired 150 blazer fmj, 100 Winchester jhp with no problems. I purchased Nosler brass 124gr jhp luger which are slightly shorter but they only fire 2/10 times. The 1st round chambered and fired. The second jammed the slide. 3rd fired but the last 7 jammed. I then...
  2. Factory Loads
    I would like to report Maxammunitions.com as a fraudulent website. I used this number 740-952-0581 to call the supposed business. A Pakistani or Indian accented individual answered. I voiced my suspicions over this business and he offered to send me his FFL license. The license in question was...
  3. The Judge
    Does anyone here have the data on the difference in pressure from fairly standard .45 colt to 410 gauge 3" 000 buck (like Federal handgun)? I'm curious because of the difference in felt recoil... I love having a community of experts to pick the brains of... :)
  4. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Hi all, I have come to this forum to learn about many things, Taurus, The Right to Bear Arms, Get Pointers about all sorts of Topics Covering Guns, Ammo, Concealed Carry, and anything else so many of you have to offer to a New Member. I would also like to give my thanks to all who have Served...
  5. The Firing Line
    My never ending quest for 9mm rounds continues~! I stalk every walmart within driving distance, never endingly pester bass pro shop and gander mountain, visit my lgs more than i call my dear old mom. The results: slim frickin pickins! I have run into a few rounds, but only enough to make two...
  6. The Judge
    In the event of needing to stop a threat within a motorhome - think thin walls, confined space, innocent parties nearby outside - what would be my best choice for ammunition for my Public Defender, and why? (This is my first firearm that shoots shotgun shells. I am more familiar with rifles...
  7. Factory Loads
    Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out what would have less recoil out of a .357 that has a 6 inch barrel. I've heard that the lighter bullet produces more velocity and more recoil, however, my personal experience is that the heavier bullet seems to produce more recoil? Any help would be greatly...
  8. The 700's
    I just purchased a Taurus 738. The gun is functioning perfectly. Now I need to purchase some Personal Defense Rounds. Is there a particular brand(s) that works best in the 738 TCP? I look forward to your responses! Thanks in advance! Jim
  9. Taurus Revolvers
    Has anybody had any trouble with Independence ammuntition? My model 82 dosent like it what so ever. The cylinder wont move with that ammo in it. Guns are more picky than I imagined.
  10. Factory Loads
    Powr'ball seems to be the best out there for its unique design and for the fact that if it was invented 20 years ago it would have made any other hollow tip obsolete. check it out at corbon.com
1-10 of 11 Results