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  1. PT92, TX 22 & Other Taurus Pistols
    Ok. So fist off I wanna start off by saying that I'm 26 and I've never owned or fired a gun prior to my purchase of the pt840. I bought it because I read good reviews online and videos of it. Anyways here's what's going on. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong or what I need to do (I wanna...
  2. Taurus Product Problems
    Bought a new p809 yesterday at Academy Sports. Got the gun home, stripped, cleaned, and lubed. Usually break in before trusting a gun; however I traded my home defense gun for this one. Loaded u p, racked round in chamber and used de-cocker to release hammer. Gun discharged into the kitchen...
  3. PT92, TX 22 & Other Taurus Pistols
    I recently bought a new PT809. I have to say I'm pleased with everything thus far except the decocking lever. it doesn't seem to work. I'm new to guns so maybe I'm just not using it right, but it seems pretty straight forward - just push the lever down. but it doesn't decock the hammer like...
1-3 of 3 Results