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  1. New Member Introductions
    Just checking in, Got my first Taurus few weeks back, already had ran around 400 rounds without one single issue.
  2. The 700's
    Hello all! First post here on the forums as i just recently purchased my 709 Slim about 3 weeks ago. I've owned/still own a handful of handguns. I bought the 709 slim to replace my XDs 9mm 4.0 as my primary CCW as the XDs with the 4" barrel is a bit heavy for my liking as a carry gun. I read...
  3. The 700's
    Hello All, my first post. I ran 100 rds of winchester white box through my 709 had 2 fte with the shell not extracted still in the chamber. Both times I was limpwristing so my fault. 1 ftf. I shot very low like 1 ft at 15 yards, i understand this is somewhat normal before adjustments. Going to...
  4. The 700's
    I just ordered 5 from Taurus for 36.00 plus 8.75 for shipping... The girl who took my order said they had just gotten them a few days ago and had plenty in stock and would or could might go quick...Get yours while you can :) :guns::shooter::thumb::yipee::yeahbaby01::happy:
  5. Concealed & Open Carry
    I have been carrying inside the waistband hybrid alien gear holster at the 3:30 to 4 0clock position. This has been a comfortable location for EDC. I have never given the cross draw 9 or 10 o'clock position a try but it sounds appealing. The 4 o'clock position forces me to unholster when driving...
  6. The 700's
    This is my 1st post so be nice...Bought my 709 early this Spring and have put over 500 rounds thru it - 1 box of factory and the rest my reloads ( Don't tell Taurus I 'm using reloads - with the ammo shortage it was the only choice I had). Have loaded mostly 115 and 124/125 bullets. I'm still...
  7. The 700's
    Hello fellers, I'm new to the forum and have looked around for someone experiencing a similar issue to mine, but have come up short. I own a Taurus 709 Slim that has served me well enough in the couple hundred rounds I've fired through it, except for the issue as stated in the thread topic...
1-7 of 7 Results