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  1. Taurus Product Problems
    Finally received my new Taurus Tracker 692. I took it home and noticed that it has a slightly canted front sight. I want to try and figure out if it’s the sight that’s mounted crooked, if the sight itself is curved or bent, or if the slot is milled on an angle. Hopefully, not the latter. Anyone...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Been shooting for years, carrying for 10, and Just bought my first Taurus. A Taurus Tracker 692 3” stainless. Should have it next week. Just picked up some Barnes 125gr TAC-XPD for carry. Been looking for wood grips, front sight, and iwb holster. Good to be here.
  3. Taurus Revolvers
    Brand new to the forum, but Taurus owner since 1994. Just picked up a 692 Tracker 3" barrel and need to find a low-ride holster. Can anyone give me a comparable S&W model for reference? No leather-works shops that have found can mold for 692...yet. Thanks in advance.
  4. Taurus Revolvers
    Well I tried out my black oxided 692. First, the finish, the black oxide is pretty dark and it appears Taurus glass blasted the outside prior to doing the black oxide. From a manufacturing stand point, glass blasting or a pickling process opens the ferrite structure up for a more even black...
  5. Taurus Revolvers
    I just ran across this a few minutes ago and am hoping one of the attendees of Shot Show 2018 will post video of it in the next few days. So many great firearms have been released recently by many companies but this is one of the few that has my attention. Taurus 692 Multi-Caliber Revolver...
1-5 of 6 Results