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  1. Taurus Revolvers
    Just picked up the Taurus Model 608 for the lovely lady....First let me say what a wonderful piece of equipment this revolver is. One of the best triggers I've ever seen, smooth and a very clean SA break. The question is this: Are there any available laser grips for this frame? I have found...
  2. Taurus Revolvers
    Does anyone know of a source for smaller grips for the 608? Would grips for the Taurus 66 fit? I currently carry a 617 but I just picked up a 608 4" in SS and am thinking of carrying the 608 sometimes. I plan to lop off 1.5 inches off the barrel, re-crown, new sight, & put on smaller grips.
  3. Taurus Product Problems
    I have an M608SS, It's the Stainless, 8-shot, .357 mag revolver with the 6.25" barrel. All sites, including Taurus website, calls for this gun to take the 10-027 scope base so I first ordered one from CTD only to find it did not align properly for mounting. Upon calling Taurus directly, they...
  4. Taurus Revolvers
    Mr. 608 with the 3" barrel stopped by for breakfast. Should he stay, or should he go? Here's my 608, with the 3" barrel. He stopped by for breakfast and I cannot decide: Should he stay, or should he go? It really took me forever to find this revolver, with this barrel length, with no...
  5. Taurus Revolvers
    Ok. Well I posted recently about my new 608's (SS6) first range trip and mentioned that factory loaded .357s locked up the cylinder at least 2 out of every 8 down the pipe. A little wiggle of the cylinder got the gun firing again. The reloads (.357) no problem not a single lock up. So trip two...
  6. Taurus Revolvers
    Hi folks. So what is the best way to break in my new 608? This is my first revolver.... 6.5 inch barrel fresh out of the box. Thanks
  7. Taurus Revolvers
    I'm thinking about picking up a 608 with the intent to add a scope. My only concern is with barrel length. With the ports on these, how much do they affect the front of a scope? I'm tempted to think that the longer barrel length (8.375") would put the ports farther forward away from the front...
  8. Taurus Product Problems
    Has anyone had any luck getting a refund from Taurus for shipping to repair a brand new firearm? I had purchased a new 608 and it was defective out of the box. Of course Taurus would fix it, but I had to pay for shipping. Cases would not eject without considerable force being applied, IE...
1-8 of 8 Results