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  1. 605 IWB Holster Recommendations

    Concealed & Open Carry
    I have been searching high & low for a good IWB holster for my Taurus 605 2" Stainless Steel. I think I've got it down to these three, and would love your thoughts / recommendations on them or if you've used them...
  2. Medium Frame Grips on Small Frame Revolver

    Hello all, I was wondering if it is possible to use medium frame wooden grips onto a 605. Is this something that can be fitted with a little bit of cutting and sanding? I have no experience with a medium frame, so I’ve just been looking at some pictures online. What do you think? James
  3. New 605 .357 jamming

    Taurus Product Problems
    I just got a new 605 revolver and it worked perfectly the first time I took it to the range and shot .38 special. Today I shot .38 special and ten .357 cartridges. After a while the revolver would jam and I couldn't pull the hammer back or pull the trigger. If I rotated the cylinder, it would...
  4. 605 Poly Cylinder Release Issues

    Taurus Revolvers
    Within the last week I purchased a 605 Poly in 357. I’m following my normal break in procedures for a new weapon prior to range time. I’m having difficulty releasing the cylinder. When I depress and push forward on the release button and push on the cylinder I have to exert a great deal of force...
  5. Rough cylinder bores - Taurus 605 357 Magnum revolver

    Taurus Revolvers
    Just purchased a brand new Taurus 605 357 Mag revolver, have not shot it yet. Love the look, weight, and feel. The trigger is perfect: smooth as silk with a perfect stack and clean break in double action, glass-clean break in single action. It seems like the perfect revolver for practice and...
  6. m605 stainless vs blue

    Taurus Revolvers
    this weekend i plan on buying a m605. it will primarily be concealed and carried often so i was wondering should i go with the stainless or with the blued version. does one hold up better to being carried or is it totally personal preference of how you want it to look? just thought i would post...
  7. 605 Protector Poly will not work stright out of the box!!

    Taurus Product Problems
    I just bought the 605 yesterday and would not work straight outof the box.. I’m now waiting until Ihave time to go back to the gun shop and get it replaced or see if I have tosend the brand new gun back to Taurus. I’mnot very happy about it at all.. This ismy first Taurus to buy and more than...
  8. 605 poly .357

    Taurus Revolvers
    Can anyone PLEASE tell me where I can find an OVERSIZED grip for this thing? The stock grip is both small AND uncomfortable. Thanks!
  9. Taurus 605 Stainless Steel 2" .357 Magnum. NIB $265

    SOLD Taurus 605 Stainless Steel 2" .357 Magnum. NIB $265 SOLD I am selling this brand new 2011 revolver after replacing its spot in the safe with a different gun. Bought it new and never shot it. I am selling at a significant loss, but I know someone on here will enjoy the gun and get...