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  1. The Judge
    Hello all, I am a newbie here, just joined. I purchased a Pubic Defender Poly and took it out for it first run yesterday. While I had no issues whatsoever with the 45 Colts, some of the 410 shells do not easily drop into the cylinder. The way I discovered this to be a problem is that one did...
  2. Reloads
    Hello, I could not find a lee loader for .410 shot shells so I bought a similar hand loader from Lanes Reloading in New Boston, MI for the .410 Magtech brass shells. I could not find much load data for the Magtech brass .410 shells to use in my Taurus Judge pistol. Heres my load data that works...
  3. The Judge
    Anyone using the 6.5" Raging Judge? Debating between the 3" and 6.5". 3 is "easier" to carry but 6.5 can have a scope. Not sure if I would ever actually put a scope on it... but just in case! ;) Anyone have any experience or educated opinions on the 3" vs 6.5"?
1-3 of 3 Results