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  1. 24/7 G2 .45 Extra Magazines

    24/7 Series
    Hey all, pardon any new-guy mistakes. I'm going to go ahead and post a disclaimer: this might be a repeat or rehashing of an old thread but I couldn't find an answer on the threads I saw. I have been carrying a 24/7 G2 in .45 for a little over a year now and I really like it. Now that I have...
  2. Magazine baseplate comparability

    Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    I know people have grinded down the pinky extension from their stock millennium g2 mags but has anyone tried swapping the baseplate with another model(such as the pt92, pt911, pt111, 24/7) that is flush fitting with no pinky extension?
  3. Wts 24/7

    WTS 24/7 Pro C DS, 9 mm. Compact, de cocker safety. Like new with 2 mags, case and manual. Prefer FTF in Dallas TX area but will ship to FFL. $325.
  4. Fair Price for 24/7 OSS 9mm?

    24/7 Series
    Howdy, y'all! I'm thinking of selling my Taurus 24/7 OSS 9mm (desert tan) at the Wanenmacher's Show this weekend. It's essentially in New condition. I sent it to Taurus last year for maintenance and they sent it back with a new slide, barrel, guide rod, and recoil spring. So...yeah...
  5. 24/7 G2 9mm Trigger Job Adventure

    24/7 Series
    Hi everyone, I am in the process of tuning my 24/7 G2 fire control for competition and have to say I am amazed at how Taurus managed to fit all the features they did into a DA/SA striker... that being said, it's terrible. In any case, I finally worked through all the grinding and polishing to...
  6. Pt 24/7 pro .40 magazines

    24/7 Series
    I just bought a pt24/7 pro .40 as my first higher caliber pistol. Does anyone know where I can get an extra magazine or two. I have the first generation i believe, but would a g2 magazine or one for another model work? Thanks :)
  7. Back again, need some advise.

    24/7 Series
    Hey forum! It's been a while. Due to some family emergencies, i wasn't able to purchase the Taurus pistols i had my eye on earlier last year (OSS DS 45, a 24/7 G2 in 45, and a 709) Now that I've got things back in order and have had some time to more carefully consider my options for pistols...
  8. unintentional round chambering

    24/7 Series
    hey guys and gals i was shooting my original 24/7 .45 acp yesterday and discovered that, when done with a little extra force, inserting a loaded magazine would cause the slide to move forward on its own, unintentionally chambering the 1st round in the mag. i discovered this when inserting a...
  9. Just Got My OSS Tactical .40!

    24/7 Series
    So I just got her, after forever in layaway limbo. I haven't fired her yet, but she sure feels great in the hand. Very well-built. First impressions? I've heard people whinge about the trigger. I wonder if those people have ever fired a stock Sig. The trigger feel is "unique", but certainly not...
  10. Need Advise, G2 or OSS

    24/7 Series
    Hey-o Everyone! I'm new to posting here, but have been "lurking" for about 4 months now. I have a favor to ask you fine-folks. I want to get a full size semi-auto pistol in 45 for the range and home protection. After looking at all my options I decided that I'd like to get a PT24/7. Now I'm...
  11. Brand new g2 24/7 9mm compact slide lock

    24/7 Series
    I bought a new 9mm compact and have yet to fire a round because of illness. I'm becoming familiar with the gun and having problems with engaging the slide lock to keep the slide open. I've managed to get it to engage and lock the slide a few times so I'm thinking this is a user problem. It...
  12. How to dissasemble my Taurus 24/7 G2 .45

    24/7 Series
    I have watched many videos, but the farthest I get to is the part where I pull the slide back 1/8 and push down the disassemble tab. Everyone on the videos says to pull the trigger and the slide will come off. I have fired around 60 rounds through it, please help. thanks
  13. 24/7 "Gritty" trigger pull - possible culprit and remedy

    24/7 "Gritty" trigger pull - cause ID'd and remedy applied Greetings from a noob - I'm no gunsmith, have no gunsmithing tools or experience. But I do have some ordinary hand tools and some toys including a USB microscope I gave my son for Christmas a couple of years ago. Even before I purchased...
  14. using 24/7 mags....

    Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    Purchased a 24/7 mag at a local gunshow and went to the range to test it in my 145. Works but constantly ejects on it own. I did notice that the spring is really strong, had trouble getting round number 12 in there. Figure that I need to let it sit fully compressed for awhile and hope that...
  15. Hello from Argentina ! Land of Bersa Pistols LOL

    Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Hi guys !!! I live in Argentina, and recently purchased a PT 24/7 PRO .45ACP, and an OSS Tactical 9mm. I formerly had a Bersa Thunder 9, which is made locally, but had to let it go... had many troubles with it. I must say that Bersas sold over here don't have the same quality control as the ones...
  16. My new 40 cal 24/7 G1

    24/7 Series
    I bought this gun over a month ago and have only been able to shoot it once. I pumped 50 rounds through it and it worked flawless. My aim on the other hand could use some fine tuning. Anyway, I live in the great state of Alabama and the gun I bought was a California edition so it not only came...
  17. 15rd 40 S&W magazine issues - 24/7 OSS DS

    24/7 Series
    I first bought a new (old stock) 9mm 24/7 OSS DS. It came with two 17rd magazines. I like it, so I went ahead and purchased a holster and magazine belt pouches along with two more Taurus factory 17rd magazines. The two new 9mm magazines were identical to the two original magazines that came with...
  18. Help finding OSS DS Holster

    24/7 Series
    My son has a Taurus Tactical 24/7 OSS DS 9mm and I'd like to get a holster for him, but having trouble finding the correct one. A friend suggested I start looking at Fobus. I spoke with rep there to confirm - He said the Fobus Evolution HK2 was the one (fit for this holster was "Taurus...
  19. WTS Simply Rugged 24/7 CID Holster, $60 OBO

    My 24/7's are gone :(, so now I need to sell my last piece of 24/7 gear. This is a CID Holster, from Simply Rugged. It is Oxblood, which I would describe as a reddish-brown color. It has no embellishment, but does come with IWB straps. I paid $75 new, you can have it for $60, OBO. For the...
  20. HELP! How do I fix this?

    24/7 Series
    PT 24/7 PRO 9mm. I took the slide off and went to put it back on and this is what happened. The slide release pin is out and its just ... a mess. The gun is going into storage tomorrow while I'm at military training. They told me to take the firing pin out... I don't so. I was just gonna lock up...