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  1. 24/7 Series
    For the purpose of choosing a conceal carry pistol I bought a PT24/7 G2C and a 709 and took both to the range today and shot a hundred rounds through each to see which i like. I found the obvious difference. The 24/7 G2C holds more rounds, is fat and recoil less than the 709. The 709 on the...
  2. 24/7 Series
    Hey all, I have owned by 24/7 G2c chambered in 9mm for about 8 months now and have shot over 1500 rounds though it. I have been having a few issues with it since day one....I thought they are user error (as this was my first handgun) but they still persist so I will ask them here: 1) The gun...
1-2 of 2 Results