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  1. Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    Purchased a 24/7 mag at a local gunshow and went to the range to test it in my 145. Works but constantly ejects on it own. I did notice that the spring is really strong, had trouble getting round number 12 in there. Figure that I need to let it sit fully compressed for awhile and hope that...
  2. Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    Taurus P145 vs. Ruger P345 Decision Made!!!! I'm getting ready to replace my .45 cal. It's an old high point .45 which supringly for a cheap gun, shoots well and is accurate. I just bought my first revolver and first Taurus, M85UL. I really like this revolver, allot. I also have two Rugers...
1-2 of 2 Results