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Thread: A thought for Supporting Vendors

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    A thought for Supporting Vendors

    Most of the members notice the various Supporting vendors, many have ordered from some of them, whether as a result of Advertising on Taurus Armed or previous knowledge and experience. Most supporting vendors have banner advertising that is great for the repetitive name recognition of the company, much like the Coca Cola signature of White on a Red Back Ground.

    A few supporting vendors take it a little further and assign someone to post specials on guns, ammo or accessories they may have, and I notice those and usually take a look at them, so I'm more familiar with that company.

    I own my own company, and if I am marketing a home or other real estate, I have been known to do some special things to bring attention to the property. I will do Realtor open houses, sometimes even serve Bar-B-Que and Sangria, have rented frozen Margarita machines, cooked my own Green Chili Chicken Pasta and served it. The bigger the property, the bigger the budget. And then I always have door prizes. I've done umbrellas, ammo (selection of 5 calibers) Bread dipping oil, bottles of wine, gift cards and have three to five prize drawings of business cards from the Realtors who attend.

    Okay, you guys aren't marketing homes and appealing to too many folks strictly in the real estate industry, but you are appealing to folks. You obviously aren't gonna feed all of us, but surely, some of you should have ideas of contests or drawings with door prizes to be spread around and draw a little more bang for your buck.

    I'm not talking necessarily expensive door prizes. I'd love to have a Cap or T-shirt with "Optics Planet" logo on it....I'm sure you guys have caps and T-shirts, and if the cap is Tan, I will like it all the better. Of course if anyone wants to give me a prize of an engraved Kimber, I wouldn't turn it down.

    Maybe you can have a contest about who has the best story about XYZ, or furnish prizes for the monthly "Shoot offs!" Maybe just random drawings.

    Anyhow, just a suggestion of how you can do a little value engineering with your advertising budget and possibly get a lot more bang for your buck. Make my tan cap have gold braid scrambled eggs on the bill and I'm your Huckleberry!

    For the folks who try this, I know you will like the results, and feel good about it at the same time. I always have fun when I do one of my events.

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    That is some great ideas Jake...
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    Sounds good!

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    Camera Land does that and they're the only ones I've seen that do monthly give aways. Last month was 2 really nice Leica digital cameras.

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