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Thread: It's Pretty Simple, Taurus.

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    Easier said than done when you don't consider the cost of such actions.
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    The trouble with Taurus is they don't seem to care about their customers the way some company’s do. They seem to have the attitude, that if you don't like go some where else. So I did.
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    I'd rather pay more and possibly get more, rather than pay less and have a greater chance of getting junk. That's why I usually buy Sig's, and Smith's. They are much more money, but also much more gun, usually.

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    I've bought FIVE new Tauri and every one of them run as advertised. I've not seen any QC problem and not having to send anything back, I can't speak to any CS problems. But, people do like to gripe. I don't own the .22, though. I just don't need another single action .22. I like to shoot my old Ruger Mk 2. I've got 9 or 10 .22s as it is, depending on what you consider a .22. My NAAs aren't exactly plinkers.
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    I don't really know whether Taurus' QC is worse that others, or how much worse, or which others. Nobody actually releases any data on that, and there are too many buyer biases that affect anecdotal reporting to rely on forums.

    But customer service counts loads, particularly when a company really does need to improve its image--which Taurus does. Good CS isn't that hard or expensive, and it pays big dividends in bottom line profit.

    I've mentioned this before. I deal with a small Nashville photographic flash company called Paul C Buff. It's kind of the Taurus of photographic flash. Arguably, its reliability may not be equal to that of European brands costing many thousands of dollars more, but people gush over their customer service. If a flash breaks under warranty, you call them and pack up your broken one. The delivery guy will pick up your broken flash and hand you a new one right then and there. They maintain spare parts for models they haven't sold in 20 years. If your flash is out of warranty, they still get it back to you repaired within days--I suspect that they just slide new guts into your old case and get it back into the mail ASAP.

    I was rather surprised to see on a trip to their offices that they don't even have a dedicated help desk (and I've run help desks). It's a secondary job for four girls in the office--but you wouldn't know that over the phone.

    Fixing the customer service problem would just about kill complaints about Taurus. There is no good reason why most repairs of any semi-automatic should take more than one day on the bench. Find the defective part, replace it, and go. If they can't find the defect within a week, then replace the gun. In the long run, that's really the cheaper way out.

    And for sure, no gun should be sitting on a shelf or in the shipping department for more than a couple of days. That's just absurd these days.
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    When I first started to carry I bought a Ruger LCP for obvious reasons, it was small and I was dumb. I had to send that gun back 3 times before they sent me a new gun and the turn around time was always less than two weeks. Now their Customer Service people were very nice and tried to fix the problem, but the product was just a piece of you know what.

    You can see at the bottom of my entries what Taurus handguns I have bought and every one of them perform as advertised without exception. Thankfully I have no experience with Taurus Customer Service and knock on wood, never will. But if they are as bad as everyone is saying, then maybe they need new management at the top in order to change what goes on throughout the rest of the company. BTW when you send in a Taurus for repair does it go to Florida or Brazil? I only ask because that could be a part of the turn around time.

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