Left or Right Eye Dominance.
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Thread: Left or Right Eye Dominance.

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    Left or Right Eye Dominance.

    Last week at the range my nephew rented a .22 rifle because he can't shoot handguns until he's 21. Shot left-handed. Didn't know he was a lefty. Well his mom said he's right handed but left eye dominant. Didn't realize that made a difference because I shoot handguns with both eyes open. I'm left-handed & left eye dominant. So I held my rifle right-handed. Couldn't see the sights. They were to my right. If I closed my left eye then I could see the sights. Wonder how many people close one eye to shoot or just shoot on the other side. One way to check eye dominance: Look down your pistol sights. Close one eye, then the other. One will shift the sight picture, the other won't. The side that doesn't shift is your dominant eye.
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    I see what you're saying.
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    About the only time eye dominance is not a big issue is shooting a handgun from an Isosceles stance since you are holding the gun center of mass. Eye dominance is not a simple issue. In a younger person - adolescent to early teen - in can shift from day to day and I've seen it shift from hour to hour. In the case of the aforementioned younger person, the eye can be trained. Once late teens have been reached, it's much more difficult, but can be done. However, in most cases, it's easier to train the body to shoot with the dominant eye. One of the things I've done with kids is to put a target dot in the middle of the glasses lens of the "non dominant" eye. Or even smear that lens with petroleum jelly. You want to allow light in, but force the eye to focus on the clear picture. This tends to fool the brain, and then becomes part of the muscle memory. There are lens blocks commercially available as an option. And then there are the folks who have no dominant eye. I have a couple in my Shooting Sports club. I'm jealous. In any case, we do an eye dominance check before each shooting session just to make sure that the same eye is dominant. It's vitally important that in most cases, the dominant eye is used and the shooter uses the dominant eye to dictate which side which he or she shoots. Angular displacement (parallax) is an ugly thing when it comes to accuracy.
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    If your dominant hand and dominant eye are on the same side, you're good. If not, you'll struggle with handguns a lot more than rifles. But you can train your way out of it you just have to decide which side you're going to use. Do you retrain to southpaw or try to overcome the dominant eye issues. Generally it's usually easiest to go with your dominant eye and train with your offhand.

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    Stand facing the object chosen as your aiming point squarely. With BOTH eyes open, using your index finger, look down it and point at the object, arm extended, holding your hand at eye level.

    Close your LEFT eye. Note any perceived 'shift' in your aiming point.

    Reopen both eyes and realign on target.

    Close your RIGHT eye. Note any perceived shift in your aiming point.

    Which eye, when open, has the least shift in where your finger was pointed? That's your dominant eye.
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    ​I am also right handed but left eye dominant. I shoot handguns right handed and have zero problems. Rifles and shotguns OTOH must be shot left handed. It is the only way that works for me for 60+ years.
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    I am left handed and right eyed dominant. Luckily, as a very young boy, I learned to shoot right handed with long guns, and right handed shooting is my strong side, although I eat, and write left handed. With tools, hammers, wrenches, I am fairly ambidextrous, also with handguns, but have never tried shooting a left handed long gun, which would feel awkward.
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