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Thread: Woo Hoo...The M92 Is In The House!

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    Sub 500 bucks for a good solid lever gun is a no brainer. It's cheaper than dropping about 7 on a henry (used if you're lucky enough to fine one like I did).
    I break down levers like this:
    Hand down levers - Henrys, older Winchesters. must already have a matching caliber revolver for it
    Rifle round levers - Marlin, winchester (both older)
    22LR levers - Henry Golden boy PERIOD
    Pistol caliber levers - Rossi hands down, slicked up and used constantly as a brush gun.
    Levers of convenience - whatever lever is available at a price too good to pass up. As long as repair parts are available for the internals. I don't care about the furniture as I can make that.
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    You know, over the years I've thought of getting a thuddy, thuddy lever of one sort or another, but I like my bolt guns too much and would never use a .30-30 even though it'd be effective in the woods out here. I have an SKS for a .30-30, anyway.

    The .357 M92 is rather fun and unique. Mine ain't for sale. It can mimic a .30-30 out to any range I'd see a deer in THESE woods, too, and it uses the same ammo as my revolvers. THIS is why I wanted mine originally.
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