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Got the new ct9 g2 rifle last week and already began hacking the existing low cap mag issue, These mags are easily increased from 10 to 15 rounds by milling out the limiter hump on each side and removing about 8 coils off of the spring for tension purposes, After this mod the weapon still cycles as normal and there were no created problems as a result. Now to the alternative magazine...I already had in my possession three Argentine FMK-3 machine gun mags, These are very similar to the uzi magazines (which may also work), These just happen to have the same size body without the humped out section where the mag catch rides (this i found was unnecessary), All that was needed to make these work were a small notch cut for the mag catch and some material notched out at the top to avoid the bolt catch. After this mod these mags work perfectly for the ct9 and have capacities of 25 and 40 rounds, The only thing I need to add is some sort of stops due to the fact that on the fmk mags they are alot lower, but they are still functioning fine without for now.
The FMK mags will not stay latched in my gun. I don't know how you got them to work. The Uzi mags are wrong dimension. The promags listed on gunbroker work 100% and hold 32 rounds.