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Thread: model 66 barrel length

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    I wanted a 6", got a 4" it gets the job done just fine. If I was hunting I think I would hold out for the 6" for a little more power.
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    If you are going to be using your Model 66 as a hunting and trail gun, the 6" barrel would
    probably be your best bet, it does give you a little more velocity and accuracy. I have the 4"
    version and I love it! My Model 66 is my nightstand gun and I use it for home defense and
    target shooting. It is a tackdriver in 4" and I can imagine it would only be even better in the
    6" version.

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    The 6" M66 will improve your rd's ballistics by 100-200 fps over a 4" model. It will be a bit more accurate. It will weigh 2-3 ounces more and be 2" longer thereby increasing the awkwardness. Do u want to sacrifice comfort and ease of carry for added ballistics/ accuracy ? The accuracy i speak of is mainly longer range shots ( beyond 30 yds is my guess). I love my 4" M66.

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    These folks have given forst class advice on the 66.

    If you are going to hunt animals,deer and such, with the 66 then the 6" model gives you the ballistics boost over the 4" model.

    Should this be a for carry against 2 or 4 footed predators mostly the 4" barrel would be the go to model. Quicker out of the holster and easier to carry all day in a holster are two of the advantages. Another advantage is the less chance of the barrel or some other part getting caught on something or against something when the gun is drawn. This is true for dense cover if that's what you have or are up against.

    From a shoulder holster this is not as important than if one carries their revolver on the hip. Both barrel lengths are more accurate than the shooter in my experience. I have the model 66 in stainless with the 4" barrel and a 669 and 689 with 6" barrels.

    With time to take a shot I find the 6" barrel gives me personally a better set of circumstances to hit targets out to 50 yards better than with the 4" barrel.


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