My BIL says they have a guy at his range who shows up with a 6 1/2" barreled Judge and shoots skeet with it and does well, so it must be getting out there pretty good. I've got the 4" barrel, 2 1/2" chambers Judge and I think it would not do bad on quail, but you are right it does spread the pattern wide pretty fast. The Fed PD #000 BS on the other hand will put all 3 pellets in the 8 ring on a B-25 silhouette target at 25 yards and I would not have any problem using it on deer at that range. I think the performance of the Fed Buck Shot is not only in the copper plated hard shot but also the shot cups they use. I got the attention of the whole range one day. With the target at 50 feet, I hit it with the shot cup 5 times in a row. The slap sound it made hitting the target turned everyone's head to see what it was.

I think the real trick to getting good patterns with the .410 in a Judge is to use hard shot. The soft stuff deforms and sails.