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Thread: Just picked up a Taurus 905 9MM

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    Regarding my Taurus 905--I have some good news and some bad news: the gun shot well. The recoil was not an issue. While it was there it was not enough to prevent quick acquisition of the target. The bad news was the ammo I was using, some old Sellier & Bellot seemed to be a bit out of specs. Federal 9MM chambered easier and the case didn't expand or go out of round to the point where it took a rod to force the empty casing out of the chamber--this was while I was employing the moon, or Stellar clip as Taurus refers to them. The Sellier & Bellot cases deformed to the point where the extractor rod couldn't overcome the force required to eject the spent cartridge. So, it's time to get my ammo in order. I wrote a note to S & B explaining the problem but I doubt that they will do anything about it. Anyway, to repeat--I'm pleased with the way the 905 performed and I think it would make an excellent backup carry gun--unless you also carry several pre-loaded moon clips it would be a problem, although you can still shoot with 9MM without using the moon clip. It's just that re-loading, if required, would be a problem.
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    Congratulations on your new firearm. I had the same issue with Sellier & Bellot in my 905.
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    you will love yours... mine is awesome

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    Thanks for clearing up my question on the use of "the moon clips"
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    I only use the moon clips for my carry ammo, at the range it's just as easy to load up 5 rounds in my 405. Since some ammo has a slightly larger diameter than others, i get tired adjusting the gap on the clips over and over again.
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