Finally took out the replacement 692 3" SS
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Thread: Finally took out the replacement 692 3" SS

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    Finally took out the replacement 692 3" SS

    I'm still a little put out with how long it took Taurus to replace my first 692. However, I got got in some good quality shooting time today. So on this outing, I took my 4" 627, a 9mm SP101, a .38 3" LCRx, and my replacement 692.

    I figured all four were similar in purpose. The 692 did get shot the most, all toll I put about 310 rounds through the 692 in it's first outing. I mostly did 7 and 10 yards for this outing. I'd taken 600 rounds to the range and brought back two boxes one 9mm and a partial box of .357.

    First out, 50 158gr .357 were pleasant to shoot, and recoil was much more milder than the 158gr .38 out of the LCRx. Accuracy was comparable. At 10 yards in single action, I could keep them within 1" shooting offhand standing. Out of the four I took to the range, the 692 and 627 I did the best with in single and double action. In double action, with the 627 and 692, I could keep the groups to 3" or better. I could do the same with the LCRx, but slower due to recoil recovery.

    Then I did some with the SP101 9mm. Single action, I was nearly as good with it, as the other three. Where things seem to fall apart was with the SP101. Double action, I was getting groups as big as 7" when I tried to go as fast with the 692. To get below 5" I had to slow down with the SP101. I really thought I'd like the 9mm SP101, it's okay, but I shoot it's .357 counterpart better. I've no idea why. They both have the same Hogue grip. The 692 results were the same as what I got with .357 and .38's. 1" in single and 3" in double action.

    Now the Moon clips are different than what I got with the 6.5" 692 a few months ago. The 5 with the replacement act like there is a little bit of heat treat to the steel. They are harder to bend, load, and unload. I had bending issue with the 6.5" 692 and still do. I'm going to keep them separate for now. Because of this, I will not be reluctant to have a loaded clip in the pocket.

    Now, using it without the moon clips, the SP101 has worked fine without them, and a brisk shake, the empties fall out. With the 692 3", I can say the same. A shake or bump on the butt of the grip resulted in 69 out of 70 casing falling out. To say I was happy, was probably an understatement. I could loads and unload 9mm as fast as loose .357/.38's. I didn't start doing this until the end of my range session, so it had seen 140 rounds of 9mm fired before this.

    The double action on this 692 fall in between my 686 and GP100, which are nice double action triggers. My 6.5" blued isn't as nice. The single action isn't what I would call bad, but no where as nice as my 686. My 627 4" holds its own against my 4" 686 and GP100. Sometime I'll have to do a range comparason between them and add in the 6.5" 692.

    So overall, I'm happy with how it performed today and as I throw more lead down range from it, I'll update how it is working. The last picture is my 627's Kydex made by Stacy Snow in Sidney, OH. SAS custom holster. He made it a few years ago and it works fine for the 692.


    Size relative to the 627
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    Excellent range review, thank you..I now have hope for the 692 series, and may start looking for the 3" version.



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