Taurus 692 multi caliber
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Thread: Taurus 692 multi caliber

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    Taurus 692 multi caliber

    I didnt know this gun was out there..... I like it!
    7 shot .38,.357 and 9mm!

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    For those that don't handload, or just don't wanna mess with it, 9x19 is WAY inexpensive to shoot. I enjoy my single action Ruger Blackhawk convertible for this reason. Now, I wouldn't carry this Taurus as it's rather large, so I don't feel the need for one. But, I can understand the attraction. I spent 600 bucks on that Blackhawk, but love the thing.
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    I held one in July it is a very heavy but great feeling gun. I'd hate to carry it. But for hunting and target or home defense it would be perfect.

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