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    Obviously the heavier version will be more 'pleasant ' to shoot, since you can't cheat physics, and the UL version will be less weight to have to carry around all day. Snub-nose revolvers are all "up close and personal" firearms meant to be carried a lot and fired a little. This model holds 6 rounds and as for reliability I would fully expect it to be able to fire off all those without a hitch, which is the same expectation I have for my Taurus 605 five-shooter.

    I don't much subscribe to the notion of needing to fire off hundreds of rounds glitch free without cleaning before I consider a gun 'reliable' enough to carry. I clean and lube my firearms after each shooting session and fully expect them all, including the budget priced ones like my 605, to be able to shoot until empty.
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    I'm personally not a fan of +P Ammo.., you generally gain more in recoil than you do in performance!


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