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Thread: Haters Are Gonna Hate!

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    The vast majority of complaints I read about Taurus is about the customer service, not the handguns themselves. Yes, there are true lemons out there; all manufacturers have them.
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    Um, yeah, like, I know a guy, who has a friend, who says that Taurus is junk. That's good enough for me. I'll never buy one, and you shouldn't either.

    No kidding, I've seen words very much like that here, and especially on other forums. If they only knew how ignorant they sound......
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    The gun that doesn't work for you......works great for me.......it obviously ain't the gun that sucks.
    Ammo will get you through times of no money, better than money will get you through times of no ammo.

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    I will say I have a new appreciation for the Judge design and respect for the engineers that built in the safeguards. The event that happened to my PD poly most likely will go unnoticed in a dark booth if it ever happen to you but immediately and permanently locks the revolver just like with the key. You cannot fire another round and the firearm is rendered useless. Smarter than I knew a revolver could be... rest assure you are out of the fight, but at least you won’t die by your own hand.

    Does anyone know how to check ammunition for recall by lot number on the box? I need to keep searching for the why mine failed. I’m an Army guy and meticulously clean and service my firearms after each session, could be bad ammo I guess. I love to drag the Judge along and shoot five or ten every time I go because it's a very comfortable and accurate weapon for me and one that I hope is within reach if I ever really need.

    That's my two cents... so where are they actually making these firearms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kschilk View Post
    The gun that doesn't work for you...[IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.taurusarmed.net/forums/images/smilies2/unsure.gif[/IMG]...works great for me....[IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.taurusarmed.net/forums/images/smilieslargepack/dunno.gif[/IMG]...it obviously ain't the gun that sucks.
    Mine doesn't seem to work for Taurus either. Thank God I don't suck with my S&W, just the one Taurus, that doesn't work for Taurus either. Taurus, hasn't been able to get it to work in many months. By your logic..........

    No, Taurus has some issues right now. All their customers with problems arnt stupid, just because most peoples Taurus work fine. Taurus makes a nice gun. A very nice gun actually. But their customer service, repair department, and quality issues are killing The Taurus brand reputation. I for one would like to see them "get it together". All companies face challenges. Taurus is certainly facing a few now. Instead of coming out with new guns, I wish they would work on their short comings too their customers.
    I just bought a new snub .38 (not Taurus). I have two planned for 2018 (Neither will be a Taurus). I had 5 Taurus and now I'm down to two, including the one they keep for me in Miami. People are loosing faith in the brand name. This is why many of their guns are so cheap. We need to let Taurus know why they are loosing market share. If we don't, one day YOU will be forced to buy alternate brands along with all those not smart enough to operate a Taurus.
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