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Thread: Moderating with a View

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    Moderating with a View

    I had to celebrate becoming a moderator, because, well, because you folks are fantastic and it's great excuse to buy a handgun.

    I've always found tiny guns fascinating. So the View caught my eye. Mark Kresser had a bunch of good ideas. I think I have a decent understanding of how semiautos work, but revolvers? Well the one time I took my old Detective Special apart, it seemed really, really complicated. Let's watch and see how it... oh, they're giving up on the Lexan? Oh well... It cost a bit more than I was willing to pay anyway.

    Until they recalled them, replaced the sideplates with aluminum, and created a bunch of factory reconditioned revolvers that are half of the original MSRP. I found them for $270 on gunbroker. Add in shipping, and it's just under $300! Done!

    But would it get here in time, before we headed off for Thanksgiving? The post office web site said yes. But the delivery FFL said no, when he called me (impressive customer service!) yesterday afternoon. But hey, we took it easy getting out of the house this morning, and he said he'd check with his friend at the post office. They got a big shipment this morning, but his friend made finding my revolver a priority.

    So there I am, standing in the shop, checking out the revolver while he phones in the background check. Now I know I'm no revolver expert, but I was pretty sure the trigger was supposed to snap back forward after firing, even dry firing. Hmm. Should I send it back? My wife and four dogs are waiting out in the truck, and the box literature has a great bit "don't return to dealer" sheet in it. What to do, what to do? Heck with it, I'm not leaving it behind.

    So we headed north, I got to the cabin, unpacked the truck, and took it down to the workbench. Took off the grips. Holy heck, I've seen postage stamps that are bigger than these grips. This is one tiny frame. Tiny screws too. Good thing I have a decent selection of screwdrivers up here, including some really small ones. Sideplate off. Hmm. Don't think this pin should just be floating around in there. Or that one.

    I put the spring back on the pin, put one end of the pin behind the trigger, and the other end in the retention pin. Put it back together, and it's working perfectly as far as dry firing can tell!

    Okay, enough blather. How about some pictures. Boy is this thing tiny!

    Name:  CameraZOOM-20161119185028343.jpg
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    The barrel is a rifled steel insert with a titanium shroud. The shroud is so thin, I almost wonder why they bothered. Maybe to put a corrosion-free metal on the outside, and to match the cylinder.

    Name:  CameraZOOM-20161119185116228.jpg
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    Boy is that ejection rod short. Seems to me they could have made it a quarter inch longer without any problems.

    The sideplate fit is just okay, not great. Hmm, how hard would it be to buy some lexan and...

    Name:  CameraZOOM-20161119185143629.jpg
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    Yep... it says View!

    Name:  CameraZOOM-20161119185354051.jpg
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    There's a number etched above "made in Brazil," but there's also a number in the usual revolver location under the crane. Which is the real serial number? Because the number under the crane is one I like; got some history with that number. Just a three digit number though! Have they really made so few?

    So this revolver has titanium, aluminum, chromed steel, and some sort of goldish plating on the hammer.

    Name:  CameraZOOM-20161119185627583.jpg
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    So now I have a very unique revolver, a bit of revolver repair experience (which makes me one in a million, since they never, ever, ever break, right!?) and two questions.

    1. What the heck will shooting this thing be like? There's a thread around here about modding a boot grip, right?
    2. How the heck am I going to make a holster for this? I'm kind of thinking about wet-formed leather that just covers the barrel and half an inch of cylinder, for pocket carry.

    Did I mention this thing is tiny?
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    Aside from the pictures not working sounds like you had fun. Congrats on the new toy.
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    Yeah only got the first pic. I thought you moderators had some pull with management?
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    I thoroughly enjoyed your essay on The View, and was so relieved there were no pictures of Whoopi Goldberg or Joy Behar!

    Congratulations again on your recent promotion, and on your celebratory acquisition of your unique Taurus View revolver.

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    Nice looking revolver. Congrats!
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    Congrats on your "unique" revolver! Photos look good too!
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    Congratulations! Can't wait to see how the holster looks.
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    Congrats on the View, or I mean non-View.

    When I saw the View mas being discontinued and before they said they were coming out with the non-view I went a head and bought one. It remains the only gun I have never fired that I own. I inquired with a few people I know that had ties to Taurus at the time as to why they are being discontinued. The basic response I was getting was people were taking the plate off and then when reinstalling it they were over torquing the screws and cracking the side plate. I always questioned if this was enough of a reason to discontinue it. Some follow up questioning indicated that the View side plate would become cloudy inside after firing several hundred rounds causing people to want to clean it. This could mean people would constantly be breaking side plates. Still don't know if that was the reason to discontinue them.
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    Cute little thing, I wish I would have bought 1 just to look at. I can see they would be handy for ultra concealment.
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    Congrats on your new tiny wheel gun.
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