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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill28465 View Post
    Thanks - any specific target suggestions for Taurus 905 ?
    It should be fine with any brass case 9mm ammo for target practice, it's not like you have to worry about the gun cycling to the next round like a semi auto. So brands to just shoot aren't really a problem, I would only be discerning with self defense ammo. It's a more personal choice than anything else.
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    9mm revolvers can be ammo finicky
    Some brass will expand & stick & others won't
    You almost gotta test & see what works for your cylinder
    I've had 3 Smith 940s & a Ruger SP101 9mm + a 642 that I fit a 940-1 cylinder into
    It seemed that many of the 940 cylinders had rough chambers & they would stick like glue with most if not ALL ammo used
    The tapered chamber is what causes the problem mostly

    I've heard good things about the 905 but haven't had the chance to shoot one yet

    I also had a Smith 547 that was always 100% with any ammo used but it's a different animal as it has a second firing pin that strikes the case forward so it won't set back & also doesn't use moon clips & tiny extractor segments to extract..

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    fired a 905 this week, nice little gun. Critical Defense Lite ammo is real nice if you can find it. Ran me like $20 for a box of 25. For target I would look for the cheapest brass case ammo I can find. CCI Blazer makes a brass case 9mm now, but there are a lot of them out there. I would stay with 115 gr. for practice ammo. Critical Defense Lite is 100gr.

    I have heard of and seen on "YouTube" a revolver jump crimp on a 9mm in a heavier bullet 147gr. I have no experience with that and it does "seem" possible since the 9mm is a ACP so the crimp is different. Just something to keep an eye out for on your loads. If it does happen then switch brands. Some 9mm may have a lighter crimp than others.

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    Consider Federal HST 147 grain +P...
    PT111 Millennium G2

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    I never thought of a 2" snub barrel 905 as much of a target revolver, needing target ammo
    It's more for short range defense.

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    I have an interest (read: I want one) in the 905. The idea of a 9mm revolver just calls to me.
    That said I have become a fan of Perfecta Ammo in every caliber I find. So far that's .38, 9mm, .45 I use a lot of it in 9mm.
    Has anybody tried this super cheap ammo in a 905?


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