G2C Loose Trigger
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    G2C Loose Trigger

    So I just bought a new G2C and I notice that the trigger wobbles a lot. Is this normal to anyone else? I have two others ones and it does not do this. So it leads me to believe it may be a defect? I just don’t want to wait 12 weeks for my gun to be fixed if it isn’t a real problem. Here is a video link so you can see

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    Which one of the G2 pistols has the more significant wobble. I didn't see a whole lot of difference between the three. Other than the wobble, does the trigger reset okay? There is a spring involved that may be the cause of the wobble, but if it resets okay, it may be just a difference of the day it was made on.

    Okay, for you younger guys, "the day it was made on" reference was for cars made in the 1970s. If you bought one made on a monday or tuesday, you got a good car. If you bought one made on a wednesday, thursday, or friday, you got a rattle trap.

    All the parts are CNC made, but they are still assembled by hand to a certain extent.
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