online chat experience, will see in a week.
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Thread: online chat experience, will see in a week.

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    online chat experience, will see in a week.

    I thought I could get more windage adjustment by loosening the rear sight screw on my pt-111 g2. I ended up with the screw taking a swan dive into the carpeting.

    Used the online chat and things went well. She asked if I need to replace the screw and sight but told her it was just the small screw. Long story short, 2 screws are being fedxed and the time quoted was 7 to 10 days no charge. Got a ticket number and everything.

    Chatted on Friday 4/3 so will let everyone know the results. What is the rate for fedxing 2 grains of rice from Miami?

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    Drives me crazy that they FedEx that kind of stuff, put it in the mail with a stamp 49¢
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