can i put a pt 1911 9mm barrel in a .38 super pt1911?
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    can i put a pt 1911 9mm barrel in a .38 super pt1911?

    i have been trying to convert my .38 super into a 9mm or .22 so i can save some money on bullets
    i called taurus today and the guy did not know if the pt1911 9mm barrel would work on my pt1911 .38 super gun
    so does anybody know if this would work? has anyone done this before? also does anyone know of a good .22 conversion kit that would fit the 38 super?
    any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
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    1-you will need a 9mm barrel and probably have some fitting in the hood and maybe the lugs
    2-you will need to fit a barrel bushing
    3-you may have have to replace extracor or tune or maybe not.
    4-you may need new ejector,most likely not.
    5-you may need new mags. or not. 9mm will sometimes work fine out of 38 super mags. but not the other way.
    6-you may need to replace springs, or not. some of the hotter 9mm loads are close to 38 super.

    besides the barrel and bushing everthing else will be trial and error.

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    well of course the best answer is to start reloading!
    the 38 Super cost virtually the exact same amount to reload as the 9 MM as everything except the case is the same!
    but on to your question and to relay some info (ideas) to the above post.
    First I think the 9 MM PT1911 barrel is the only fully suported barrel in any PT1911, so the 38 Super frame should not accept the 9 MM barrel with out some serious tooling, and according to Taurus the 38 Super extractor is not the same as the 9 MM extractor.
    as for springs i think they are the same, the other fitting as listed in the post above would be needed and I would seek out a good gunsmith to make the needed adjustment myself, you may be a better amatuer gunsmith than i however.
    you then would need to get a 9mm barrel, by the time all this was done i would think you could buy a new Pt1911 9 MM as cheaply, they sale in the 539-559 area here.
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