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Thread: Sight is stuck, hex key set screw stripped, what now?

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    Mine actually kept loosening and I could never find an allen that would snug it down decently. i drilled it out and tapped it for a 6-32 set screw that uses an actual normal allen wrench to loosen and tighten. Once shaped to the right length, I added some blue loctite to it and it hasn't come loose since. I do need to change them out for a fiber or tritium style sight as my eyes ain't getting any younger.
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    Mine as stayed put through four mags so far, thats the most Ive been through without having to retighten the set screw so Im happy with the shim solution. I would like a nice adjustable sight set.
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    yep, the old shim works wonders usually!
    I used the same setup on my 10 MM Tanfoglio Elite Match.
    now the original front sight was usual tang quality and no problem, but I wanted to go to a fiber optic to improve my ability to see it.
    so I ordered a front sight from Dawson as they offer a wide variation of heights. the sight was usual great quality and workmanship but after firing about 125 or so rounds I noticed it had moved forward about an eighth of an inch.
    the tangs front sight mounts in line with the slide (think CZ) and is held in place with a lock screw , so recoil was letting it work out the front on the muzzle.
    so took a shim (feeler gauge ) and fixed that baby right up.
    now the same pistol and sight set up on the 38 Super never a issue but I guess that 10 MM recoil was a bit to strong for the fit, although it did need to be originally driven in with a plastic mallet.
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    Samson. Glad you got your damaged rear sight off and a new one installed. The auto parts store feeler gauge set is good idea.

    If I may, I would like to expound a little on dovetail sights. I'm not a Dawson sight person, but I have worked on many sights over the years. As a general rule, dovetail sights are 60 degree dovetails, (Or close), tapered slightly right to left (.001" larger on the left width) and install left to right. Always remove a dovetail sight right to left, unless the manufacturer specifically says otherwise for your make of gun. A dovetail sight SHOULD NOT require a set screw to hold it in place, (OLD SCHOOL), but I have noticed some manufacturers going to a set screw. It cuts down on the hand fitting for a proper fit. I believe Olafhors said it that dovetail sights themselves should come oversize and be fitted to the dovetail slot. This is correct! If anyone is going to work on their firearm, I highly recommend buying a mid quality Dial Caliper and learning how to use it well. (Probably $50) It's not hard to use. Also, go to your local machine shop supply store and buy three or four quality metal files of different sizes. Then watch a youtube video (sic) or have a old machinist teach you how to file.

    I think I said in a different thread on here, measure your dovetail slot, buy a standard sight slightly larger and hand fit it to your slot. You should be able to start the sight into the left side of the dovetail slot about 1/4 of the way with thumb pressure. Then use a NYLON or BRASS rod and small to medium hammer, tap the sight into position. Make sure it drives straight. Center the sight left to right in the dovetail. If it's too tight, drive off right to left, carefully file a few strokes and try it again. That's it. If you want some added insurance, put a drop of blue loctite in the bottom of the slot before you drive on the sight. The sight should not move under recoil of any standard caliber. Steel sights will fit better than aluminum but are harder to find.
    That's the way I do it. Your mileage may vary. I hope this helps someone in the future.
    MODS: if this reply needs to go to the gunsmith section, please do so. Thanks.
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    Dremel works


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