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    Well, I've been trying to get this posted for awhile, but my computer hates me. Let's give it another try.

    Mid-February my dad and I each picked up pistols chambering 7.62 Tokarev. Needless to say that's not a caliber that's normally stocked at Wal-Mart. A quick google search turned up Widener's, who was carrying Bulgarian surplus ammo at the time. The price seemed real nice and they mentioned in the ad that if you purchased in groups of two they would send you the wooden shipping crate it came in. Being a collector of old military boxes, I jumped on it. I ordered two tins of the ammo under the assumption that yes, it would take awhile, but I would end up with 1,600 rounds and a cool old commie crate(say that ten times fast) to add to my collection.

    A week goes by. Checking both my emails for a confirmation as well as logging into my account with their site to see if it went through. Not only did I not have a confirmation, it didn't even recognize me as having placed an order with them. I sent them an e-mail, asking what the status was of my order, and they said that they received it and it would be shipping out in a few days. A few days turned into a few weeks, and finally on March 23 I had a big, heavy box on my doorstep.

    Cutting the box open, I did not find my old commie crate as promised in the ad, instead I found what looks like two lead boxes, the tins of ammo. Nevertheless, I opened one up, and while they do get bonus points for the ammo appearing in pristine condition(looks like it left the factory a few weeks ago, not in 1953), I still wanted to know where my crate was, and what was up with the tins, whether or not it was safe to handle. I tried calling both their direct line and their ordering lines, both numbers taken off their website, and all I got was their hold record for roughly 35-45 minutes per line. I got fed up with the waiting and sent them an e-mail, figuring my first contact with them through this method was answered in a timely manner.

    YESTERDAY I finally received e-mail back from them, a whole 17 days from date of arrival, saying that they ran out of the crates and had to ship out the ones they broke open for single orders, and that they THOUGHT the tins were made out of tin....

    It would have been at least considerate of them to contact me(having my phone number and e-mail address attached to my account registered with them) to let me know if a portion of my order, which was listed on their ad as being included, wasn't going to be there. And while I can understand them being busy, a whole 17 days for a two-sentence response e-mail is waaay too long in my book.

    In short, yes, the ammo arrived, but it arrived late, and not as promised, and my attempts to figure out what the [bleep] is going on also arrived late. They really should hire on more people in the customer service department.
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    I have ordered powder from them in the past and have never had a problem.


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