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Thread: My Spectrum Experience since Purchase late Dec 2018

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    Not much to add about my Spectrum except that it has been reliable after received it back from it's second trip to TAURUS for repairs.
    I repeat a bit on the repair history:
    1) Fail to Fire out the box after cleaning before use required multiple trigger pulls to fire a round (2 to 4 attempts). That was fixed that when it was returned the first time based on 68 rounds of use.
    2) Next time at the range had Lock Back While Shooting, noted the Lock Back lever did not have any spring tension holding it down in the non-lock back position (assume it was bouncing up during recoil and catching the slide). The gun came back with a new Recoil Spring (not sure what that was about), and also noticed the striker had been modified based on the color of the components (red to blue), and apparently fixed the spring on the Lock Back Lever as it has tension holding it down now.

    Anyway, the gun has worked since return the second repair cycle.

    PS: I did modify the Feed Ramp bottom edge by filing a slight "u" shape vs a straight across edge. That to correct a couple of Fail to Feeds I have had where the nose of the bullet (below the point of the bullet) wedged into the lower edge of the feed ramp. I repeat that the bullet below the point of the bullet was lodged into the feed ramp lower edge (actually can see a slight gouge in the bullet).

    One would think that a bullet making contact with the feed ramp below the point of it's nose would feed on UP the ramp and likely into the barrel. I thought a less flat straight sharp square edge on the feed ramp would help the bullet go on up into the barrel. So, I cut a slight "U" shape into the lower edge of the ramp (describe that - looking down at the ramp from the top, see a slight "U" shape).

    I like shooting the gun, like the feel vs other small guns, and I am pretty accurate (for me) with it despite the trigger pull (double action and a bit scratchy before the break point).

    BTW, the trigger pull seems to be less scratchy than when new. I did put a tiny bit of gun oil in the striker, and I suspect it has worn smoother from use.

    I am still not a 380 fan, mostly because of extra cost of AMMO. Typically $0.04 /$0.05 or more per round than say 9MM. That is $4 / $5 or more on a 100 rounds and irks me every time I shoot a box or two. However, at $129.99 (typical prices now), if you want a 380, I recommend it. The Lifetime Warranty and apparently TAURUS is giving service is a PLUS as well.
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    I see no use for a gun with that many issues. I do shoot and carry 380, I probably have a dozen pistols in that caliber. A Ruger LCP can be had for a little more than a Spectrum, and since the LCP II came out you can get a used one dirt cheap. Heck, I once bought a pink one for 190 bucks, with 8 mags included! Sold the gun and kept 7 mags.


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