Question about overmold panel stength and slide hold open latch.
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Thread: Question about overmold panel stength and slide hold open latch.

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    Question about overmold panel stength and slide hold open latch.

    Hello! I've been very interested in getting a Taurus Spectrum however have two main questions about the firearm before I decide to purchase one. If anybody could help answer these I would appreciate it!

    1) Any issues with the overmold grips detaching at the edges over time or deteriorating? I'm not sure if these are glued in place or pressed in.

    2) My Taurus TCP's slide hold open latch (the piece of metal that sticks out and gets pushed up by the magazine follower on the last round) was a bit too long and would force the bullets to go around it as they got pushed up for feeding. Grinding it back fixed that issue which fixed some feeding issues. Does anybody know if the Taurus Spectrum's slide hold open does this too?

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    No and No......................
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    Quote Originally Posted by loudviking View Post
    No and No......................
    And there you have it folks. Short answer and to the point following the KISS Principal (Keep It Short and Simple).
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    Both of the issues that you asked about aren't appearing in the complaint section, and I haven't seen them listed anywhere else, but that doesn't mean that over a period of years they won't turn up. I'm sure with enough hard use, seperation of the colored inserts is going to happen. It's just not an issue now, and if you have one and take care of it, it may never be an issue. The second question involves a part, slightly out of spec. It's something noticed and handled immediately by the end user, and why manufacturers have warranties. It's something that all manufacturing deals with, not just Taurus.

    I've got one of the original "A" series TCPs, the one that has had the most complaints against it. It's never, not gone bang, when at the range and it gets carried often. I have complete confidence in it, and when I get my Spectrum, I'm sure that it can be trusted to fulfill the same role.
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