Trigger problem solved
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Thread: Trigger problem solved

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    Trigger problem solved

    After my recent range session where I fired 104 rounds my trigger finger was sore. Also I found my finger was going through the trigger so far that the second joint of my finger was on the trigger face. My fingers are of average length but thin. I cut and shaped a 1/8" thick piece of leather to cover the face and sides of the trigger. This puts my trigger finger on the face of the trigger with the pad of the first joint in the right place. This will only work if you have thin fingers. I can let the trigger go forward far enough to let the trigger reset. If you have average to fat fingers you will not be able to let the trigger reset. A 1/16" piece of leather may work for average fingers. For fat fingers the only hope may be to file down the bottom tip of the trigger.

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    Second option is a shooting glove, I actually prefer batting gloves for range work, I have long fingers but with or without gloves I am able to use tip of my finger(between tip and first joint) with no problem in firing my Spectrum.
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