what causes 738 not to extract?
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    Question what causes 738 not to extract?

    Anyone have or had extraction problems with 738? Brass is just setting there empty, turn pistol up and just shake brass out. Anyone fix at home? I took mine to gander mtn.,, took forever to get a few parts.

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    Have you checked the extractor?
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    Is it on every round fired? If the extractor is working, then the slide isn't cycling fully letting the spent case hit the ejector.
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    well if its not extracting then I would look towards the extractor-- condition/ spring pressure/movement?
    or to the chamber/ammo- could be a very rough chamber, excessive pressure in the cartridge causing the case to expand, throwing the cycling rate out of sequence--the extractor has already slipped off the groove by the time the case contracts?
    IS the extraction groove/case head look like its been chipped or missing a piece?
    soft brass-- over pressure?
    does it do it with different ammo or just one brand?
    MY 738 began doing this and went back to Miami for a tune up.
    they replaced the extractor, extractor spring, and the barrel, since it has ran flawlessly--course its an old A model and a lot of this went on with them.
    IF its at Gander the gunsmith can't tell you the problem?
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