Nylon 66 rear sight adjustment screw
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    Nylon 66 rear sight adjustment screw

    I have an old Nylon 66 that was given to me by my grandfather about a year ago. I finally got some time to really play with it, just recently. As I was adjusting the rear sight a bit the adjustment screw popped up from the sight post. I have tried to screw it back in but it looks like it puts the screw at an odd angle when I press on the sight post causing the threading to be unable to catch.

    Anyone have any experience with Nylon 66s? Or any tips on what I can do, or would be best to just bring it to a gunsmith?
    I can snap a couple pics if needed. I know my description isn't the best.
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    You might have messed up the threads trying to put it back in. You have to be straight,the metal is soft. You might have to re-thread the screw. I have a nylon 66 from about 1964 and love it. It is such an easy rifle to shoot. A tap and die set can be your best friend! ps- thanks doc, Semper Fi!



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