Help Tuning Up My Tracker .357 (model 627)
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Thread: Help Tuning Up My Tracker .357 (model 627)

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    Help Tuning Up My Tracker .357 (model 627)

    Iím wanting to tune my Tracker 627.

    The trigger is stiff and a bit stagy. Now you can tell that I must be from near a city as I really donít
    want to wait the 100ís of rounds until it all smooths itself out, if that does it.

    First, having a bit of trouble removing the side plate. After removing the three screws, tried tapping the frame
    with a hard plastic screwdriverís butt, and tapping the frame against a hardwood block. Either method
    moved the edge without the captured tab out a few mm, but that was all. I know itís a precision fit, but
    should I try prying? Would it be better to keep rapping harder until itís free? Itís really in there!

    I read that some models have a hole in the frameand enough room beside a spring partially covering that hole
    so you can add some force to the inside of the cover plate to help free it. In my case the springs and rods behind
    the likely hole do cover it completely so no punch is getting in there.

    My tuning and polishing experience is mostly with auto pistols, but I am mechanicalky inclined [no, really!].
    Still it would be great to have any suggestions of specific areas of the action of this model gun to shine up,
    or to just knock the corners or rough spots off of.

    Thanks for any tips!

    Also, Iíve used Wolff spring kits before, but they donít list this model. I wrote their tech support, and they
    answered in a short time that they have no kit for this gun, so I wondered if anyone has experience tuning
    this 627 model tracker and has an idea about softening the pull a little with the existing springs, or knows of
    another kit or orovider of these specific springs.
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    Put the screws back in, load the cylinder with empty casings, or snap caps and dry fire the crap out of it.......

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    They sell the Wolf spring kit on e-bay for $15.00. There is a great video on YouTube on the trigger job. It shows the areas to polish on the hammer, sear, I have this model myself and will be doing this to mine when my springs get in.
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    I needed a spring kit for my model 970 Tracker. But Wolff didn't list a kit for model 970. I read on a forum to use the Wolff kit for Taurus Large Fame Revolver:

    That was, indeed, the right kit for the model 970 even though that model is not listed.

    If the 627 is a large frame, this should be the right spring kit.

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    Look in the revolver section I just detail how I did my tracker

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