Proper lubrication for pt845
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    Proper lubrication for pt845

    Have had a 845 since spring of 13 and have about 300 rounds through it.

    Was at the range last week end and one of the regulars had a trigger gauge. I always thought it had a heavy trigger but in single action, the pull was over 10 lbs. It shoots fine but was wondering what I can do to lighten up the trigger.

    I try to lube in the correct places but am i missing something.

    Shoots fine except for the heavy trigger.

    Everything is factory on the gun, no aftermarket changes.

    Any suggestions on how to lighten it up and where are the correct lube points that would effect it.

    Using remoil on the gun and superlube on the slides.



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    I don't think lube is going to help a ten lb trigger. Sounds like something is seriously out of spec. Maybe your sear hooks need a little massaging.

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    Get some polymer safe, foaming gun cleaner and blow out the trigger assembly, then blow out with canned air. Your trigger should be better. The weight of trigger pull will be heavy if the there is powder residue and old packing grease gumming up the works. My XD Mod.2 .45 ACP has an 8.5 lb trigger pull.
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