R98 Plinker discontinued?
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    R98 Plinker discontinued?

    Been looking for a 4" model, but these seem to have been dropped from the Rossi website. Maybe Taurus didn't like the competition against their own 990 Tracker and Model 94?
    Rossi R98 Plinker 6" barrel
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    I think you got things right but Rossi USA may need to be contacted and asked about this. Might do that tomorrow.
    Here's what I wrote from another post: The Taurus 900 series of revolvers, 990, 991,970, and the 992 replaced the 94. Too bad as I liked mine. 2013 was the last time Taurus USA has the 94 in the catalog.

    Don't ya know that things change fast with Taurus Armas and Taurus USA. The Taurus models 990,991, and 970 were all discontinued shortly after with the 992 being the lone survivor.

    Some of the discontinued models were replaced by Rossi Plinkers rimfire revolvers but those are no longer at the Rossi USA site. Tis a shame.



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